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Render & Download Videos

Once you have created one or more video sets, you are ready to send the videos for rendering, preview and download the videos.

Video Renders#

Each one of our Trial, Starter and Pro plans, provides you with full access to Luna technology with a set number of video renders per month. This balance is available to you in your account settings page. You can create unlimited video sets and previews of your videos, and only those which are rendered count towards this balance.

How it works#

For example, imagine you have a video set which contains 128 videos based on all the combinations selected, but you only render 20. You will only be debited 20 videos from your account balance.

Please note, Enterprise plans have unlimited video renders.

Rendering Videos
Cancelling a Render
Preview a Video
Download a Video
Video Errors

Firstly, you will need to navigate to the rendering screen, either from the Video Set editor or from the Video Set list.

After creating your video set, click "Save and render" and you will be taken to the rendering queue with a filter applied for your current video set(s).


Alternatively, you can access the rendering queue by simply clicking "Download All" or the "Download" button on a particular Video Set, or by using the sidebar Render menu.


The rendering screen will be displayed, where you will see an overview of all of the videos in a video set, or by changing the default filter, the entire game project.


Rendering Videos#

The maximum number of videos which can be rendered at one time is dependent on your account type.

To being rendering your video(s), you can select one or more and click "Render", or by clicking the render icon in the appropriate row. The video will be sent to the queue for rendering.

You may send multiple videos to the rendering queue at one time. However, some videos may be enqueued until previous videos have finished rendering.


Cancelling a Render#

If you need to cancel the render at any time, you may click the cancel button.


Previewing Videos#

When your your video(s) rendering is complete, you can preview the output before downloading. Simply press the preview icon on a completed video, and a video player will open and load your video.

You can cycle through different videos (as long as they were complete before you entered preview mode).


Download Videos#

Once rendered, you can can download individual or all videos. Simple click the download icon, or select your videos and click the "Download" button.

Video Errors#

Occasionally, we may detect errors within the Linux build when rendering a video. The severity of these errors can vary from low to high, and can cause unexpected behaviour in the output videos.

If you see an error associated with your video render, we recommend that you download the log file and assess whether these are critical or not.

To do this, simply click the warning icon and the log file will download.