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Editing Captures

When testing, you may create a number of captures which are no longer required, or that you may wish to rename.

Luna Playground provides a captures management interface, where you may do this.

In Luna Playground, select the Replay app whose captures you wish to edit, and then access the Captures page in the sidebar.


In the Captures UI, you will see a list of all captures for the Replay app, including information on which user created the captures and when.


To learn more about the options available when editing recordings in Playground please have a read of our page on video sets.

Deleting Captures#

You can delete individual captures, or select multiple captures to delete at once.

  • To delete a single, simple click the drop down menu for and select Delete.
  • To delete one or more captures, you may select the captures you no longer require, and click Delete in the main menu.

Renaming Captures#

If you would like to change the name of a capture, simple hover over the capture's name in the Capture UI, and a pencil icon will appear.


Click the pencil icon, and change the name of the capture as required.