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Supported Rendering Features

Below you can find listed information on what rendering features we currently support, plan to support and ones that we do not.


These features are all available right now to use with the Luna Engine:

What we plan to implement#

These are features that we have on our roadmap to add to the Luna Engine, be sure to check out our release notes when we update Playable to see what new features are available.

Not Supported#

Luna always initializes WebGL 1.0 context for compatibility reasons (even when WebGL 2.0 is available). This can lead to limitations when it comes to the support of newer shader features. The exact set varies from device to device due to different vendor-specific extensions available. You can find more info on WebGL1.0 here.

To make sure Luna is able to utilize all your shader code, please try running the game targeting OpenGL ES 2 API.

Below are features we currently do not support: