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Example Project

You can download the project here in our community github!

As an introduction to building creatives with Luna Playable, we have provided a free sample 2D game in our Community GitHub. This project acts both as an example of what a fully prepared & optimised project for Playable looks like, as well as a testing ground for implementing Luna Playable yourself!

We highly recommend trying out the walkthrough using the Dev Branch, as it will provide you with a great hands-on opportunity to learn how to use the Luna Plugin without needing to prepare a project from scratch yourself!

When designing this game's UI & end card we used some of our free assets, which can be downloaded for free from our community github.


How to make use of the project#

As previously described there are two different use cases for this project, which is why there are two branches (one for each).

How to choose:

  • The Master branch of this project has already been modified to be exportable to Luna Playground as a lightweight editable playable. All you need to do is install the Luna Plugin, and un-comment the luna attributes code located in GameManager.cs and PauseManager.cs to access variables in Playground. Then build for playground (Plugin UI -> Playground -> Build & upload).

  • The Dev branch has been stripped of all changes made in the Master branch to work in Luna. Downloading this branch and following the steps on the repository's readme will provide you with a great hands-on opportunity to learn how to use the Luna Plugin.

What you will learn#

If you choose to download the Dev branch and follow along the walkthrough detailed on the repo's readme, you will learn about the following:

  • Setting up the Luna Playable Plugin
  • Making a develop build (How to select your scene & fixing msbuild errors)
  • Fixing Plugin Diagnostic Errors (Excluding files & preprocessing lines)
  • Size Breakdown Calculation & Reduction
  • Building & Uploading to Playground