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Luna Community

The Luna Community is designed to help provide you with support, examples and updates on Luna products.

  • The Luna Community Forum can be used to share ideas and ask/answer questions. This is an important tool for the Community and Luna team to provide support for Luna users and guide them with the knowledge of using Luna as effectively as possible.

  • The Luna Community GitHub contains projects, samples and assets to our users. Here you can find example project, free-to-use assets and examples of techniques and approaches that you can use in your playable ads.

To help us grow our community we will be bringing more content and support for our community channels as a whole, and we would like you to be a part of that so if you have ideas, requests or knowledge you'd like to share please do so on our forums.

We also update our forums with competitions, release updates, news, answer questions and provide other vital information that we hope will make it a great resource for everyday use as a Luna user.

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