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General #

Does Luna support all operating systems? #

Luna is a plugin for Unity, and can be run on macOS, Linux and Windows.

Which versions of Unity do you support?#

We currently support all versions of Unity Personal or Unity Pro from 2018.2 up to 2021.1 inclusively. (This does not including alpha or beta releases)

Does Luna require WebGL?#

Yes, the Luna engine requires WebGL 1.0 to run.

What version of C# is required to run Luna? #

.NET 4.7 or later (we support C# 7.0 features and earlier)

What platforms can run Luna playables? #

Luna playables function in a web browser and can be run on every major OS: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS.

Does Luna use the WebGL build target in Unity?#

No, Luna does not interact with the build target pipeline of Unity, nor does it use the Unity Tiny package. Our exporter (as part of the plugin) acts independently to create a custom C# solution file and assets set which is then run on the Luna engine.

How big is the Luna Engine?#

The Luna engine is ~650kb compressed.

What happens at each of the 4 steps of Luna Playable's export process?#

  • Stage 1: Gather all resources from the Unity project and prepares it for Stage 2.
  • Stage 2: Compression is applied to the assets, as well as font bitmap generation, applied custom scripts, and essentially any other asset processing needed.
  • Stage 3: Convert from C# to JavaScript.
  • Stage 4: Compile everything, and depending on the ad platform convert to the required files.

I am trying to export a playable with Luna, but I get compilation errors. What should I do? #

Please review our documentation for troubleshooting steps.

I have exported a playable but the build size is too big. What can I do? #

Please review our documentation on optimisation.

The playable runs smoothly in Luna Playground, but lags when on my phone. What can I do?#

This can happen due to performance differences between devices.

We recommend running the standalone playable or develop build in Google Chrome and using the inbuilt profiling tools.

You can also review our documentation for improving startup time.

Luna Features #

Do you support all Unity APIs?#

The Unity engine has a vast number of APIs, many of which are not required for playable ads (i.e Editor scripts) or not feasible for use on the web (i.e. native features). Considering this, the Luna engine supports all of the major and most commonly used components and APIs for playable ads. Over time, we plan to support more and more of these.

Do you support Async/Await? #

Yes, but without multithreading due to limitations of the web platform. Check out our documentation on Async/Await.

Can I use videos within Luna? #

Yes, Luna supports the Video component in Unity. We currently support the Material Override Render Mode only.

What do I do if my game uses an unsupported component or API in Unity?#

If you are using an unsupported component of API, there we suggest the following options:

  • Firstly, consider whether this feature is necessary for a playable ad. Will it enhance the experience? Will it cause performance issues? If it's not required, then simply remove its use.
  • Find a suitable workaround using a supported component or API. In Unity, there are multiple ways to achieve the same results, and this is often the quickest and most straightforward approach.
  • If none of the above are possible, email with details on the component/API you wish to use and what you have tried so far.

How do I request a feature?#

Please email In the coming months we will be launching a feedback resource for our partners.

Playables #

Which ad networks are supported #

Currently, we support the following ad networks directly from Luna Playground:

  • Applovin
  • Facebook
  • ironSource
  • Mintegral
  • Tencent
  • TikTok
  • Unity Ads
  • Vungle

Do I need to handle device orientation #

We recommend that you build a responsive playable ad, and ensure that the UI and other elements scale or adapt accordingly. Please review the guide here for more information.

My Playable is unresponsive when testing with a touch screen laptop, what do I do? #

Disable your touchscreen via device manager and restart the machine.

Why doesn't audio play until user clicks?#

Autoplay is a browser limitation, and defined at a user level. Please refer to this policy update for more information. Therefore, when testing your playable ad you may find that audio doesn't start automatically.

However, this may not be the case in when the ad is displayed by the ad network SDK.

We therefore recommend you test or consult with the ad network for specific behaviour.