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Tap To Play

The Tap To Play template allows the user to interact with the experience up to three times, before the video completes and an end card is displayed.

When to use it?#

This template can allow for a longer experience and can easily be used for both playable ads and interactive end cards (IECs). It's a great template if your piece of gameplay has several key moments, for example a character moving left and right to avoid enemies.


Below is an example using real assets from a game.


Required assets#

The following are the required assets in order to make this template a success.

  • Background video or image
  • Hint image
  • End card icon

Configurable Fields#

This template includes a selection of general configurable fields which are all detailed here.

The specific fields which are provided with the Tap To Play template are listed below.


Pause Count1, 2 or 3 pausesHow many pauses there are in your playable experience.
X Pause At, SecFloatWhen to pause the video in seconds.
We recommend using Luna Playground to adjust the timings of your pauses in the video, but always check on a mobile device as very specific timings can have slightly different outcomes based on the platform.