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Please use the latest available version of Luna Replay:


You can download the latest version from your Luna Playground account.

This guide is for teams who want to use Luna Replay to capture and replay gameplay videos from Unity.

What is Luna Replay?#

Luna Replay allows teams to create unlimited variations of a single piece of gameplay. The Unity plugin enables you to create captures from any device, select your game variables, and replay these in Luna Playground - the output is unlimited videos of different resolution, language, style… anything you can imagine.

Under the hood#

Luna Replay includes a plugin for Unity and editor in Luna Playground.

The plugin allows you to enable and capture segments of gameplay, and also configure your game variables. Luna Playground then allows you to create unlimited variations of the captures, as videos.

The two stages for Replay are:

  • Capture - capture gameplay on a device or in the Unity editor.
  • Replay - using Luna Playground, create your video sets with various parameters and output settings to create unlimited variations of your video.

Creating your Videos#

Below you can find the steps required to create your videos, starting in Unity all the way to Luna Playground. Don't forget to check out our tutorial video which takes you through the entire process.

  1. Download the latest plugin from your Luna Playground account.
  2. Install the Luna Replay plugin for Unity.
  3. Setup the Unity project.
  4. Use Luna Playground Attributes to prepare the game variables you want to edit in Luna Playground.
  5. Upload your build to Luna Playground.
  6. Capture your gameplay using a device or the Unity editor.
  7. Create and edit video sets in Luna Playground.
  8. Download and publish your videos.