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Enable Capture Mode

After installing the Luna Replay plugin and following the installation steps, you're ready to capture your first video!

To do this you simply need to enable capture mode in the ReplaySettings UI and run the game in the Unity editor, or on a device of your choice (both Android and iOS are supported).

When capture mode is enabled, Luna replay will add an additional UI to your gameplay to allow you to capture recordings, and save them to your Luna Playground account.

Enable Capture mode#

  1. In Unity, select Tools > Luna Replay > Replay Settings in the menu bar.


  2. In the inspector, enable Capture mode.


    Replay is disabled by default, and will not affect your project/build.

HUD Anchor#

The HUD (heads up display) allows your to start, stop and name your video captures. By default, the position of the HUD will be Upper Centre. If this position conflicts with your Game UI, then you can adjust the position of the HUD by changing the settings in the capture UI.

For details on this API, please review the Unity documentation.


Stabilise Framerate#

This option (on by default) should be used to stabilise the recording and ensure that the output is accurate. Some games have very resource-intense segments, which may cause moments of lag or jumping on certain devices. To ensure this doesn’t happen when recording, Stabilise Framerate will slow down the gameplay during these times to ensure the input is correctly captured. This may affect the experience of the gameplay when recording a capture, but the output will be smooth and unnoticeable.

Once enabled, you can move on to creating your capture(s) in the Unity Editor or on a device.

Set Default Name#

Enabling this option will have replay give your capture a name for you when you finish recording. The name will start with the date in format YYYYMMDD (Year, Month, Day), followed by the time the recording was made in the format HHmm-ss (Hour, minute, seconds).

The 'Default Name Prefix' field also becomes visible upon enabling this option. Adding a prefix will insert whatever string you enter at the beginning of the generated name. All together the format will look like:

It is also possible to manually edit the generated name before saving the recording.