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Advanced Settings

In the Luna Playable Unity plugin interface, a number of advanced settings are provided in order to help you customise the build output of your playables. Navigate to the Settings section and the Advanced tab.


Use PlayerPrefs#

If your game uses PlayerPrefs, then you may use this checkbox to test the playable behaviour as some ad networks may not facilitate the storing/retrieving of local data.

Code Minification#


Code minification removes unnecessary or redundant data without affecting how the code is executed in the browser. This should be used to reduce the overall size of your playable.

Compress Resources#


Applies compression to all resources in the playable ad to reduce size.

Additional Generic Check#

This feature is used for specific cases with generics, and notably should be enabled when using the DOTween plugin (more information).

Force Disable Anti Aliasing#

By default, anti aliasing will be used if supported by the device which is running the playable. Use this option if you want to disable anti alias for all devices.


The preloader is displayed while the playable ad is initialising, to ensure users aren't left waiting with a blank screen.



This checkbox enables or disables the preloader.


The icon will be displayed in the centre of the screen. Recommended size: 50x50 pixels.


The background image. It is recommended to use a portrait image, and this will be scaled and used for landscape also.