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Please use the latest available version of Luna Playable:


You can download the latest version from your Luna Create Hub account.

This guide is for developers who want to use Luna Playable to create playable ads in Unity.

What is Luna Playable?

Luna Playable allows developers to create high-quality Playable Ads in Unity. Using our plugin, you can use the Unity Editor, and even your existing game code, to create a playable experience that will be converted to run on the Luna Game Engine.

Luna supports the majority of features needed to make a high-performing playable ad, but it is not a 1-1 version of the Unity game engine.

Under the hood

Luna Playable Studios includes four core components:

  • Exporter - a Unity plugin which enables you to build a playable in Unity, convert and optimise it for HTML5.
  • Engine - the JavaScript runtime and graphics engine, which uses WebGL.
  • Luna Create Hub - the frontend UI for marketing teams to create, preview, download playables for all the major ad networks.
  • Luna Insights & Playable AI - An add on for Create Hub which allows marketers to analyse the playable performance, and using AI, create self-optimising ads.

Create a playable ad

We recommend checking out our full getting started guide when creating your first playable ad.

Here is a quick summary for the steps involved.

  1. Download the latest plugin from your Luna Create Hub account.
  2. Install the Luna Playable plugin for Unity.
  3. Create your playable ad scene in Unity.
  4. Convert your scene using the Luna Playable Studio Plugin.
  5. Use Luna Create Hub Attributes to tag the game variables you want to edit in Luna Create Hub.
  6. Use Luna Create Hub to create unlimited iterations for ad networks.