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Events Timeline

The Events Timeline report provides you with data and visualisations from the playable analytics events within your playables. Learn more about standard and custom events.

The Events Timeline page offers a visual representation of user-interaction data pertaining to your app's custom events. Specifically the page's graphs allow you to see the median time for each event in your playable to fire from the time of the impression.

Table headings#

NameName of the custom event as defined by you in your project.
CategoryThe category designated to the event via the events settings page.
TimeThe median time from impression for an event to be triggered (in seconds).
Event Time DistributionThe histogram that shows the distribution over time for the event. The x axis signifies the time from impression, the y axis signifies the frequency of occurrence. The dotted line signifies the median point in these values.
If your playable was created before the launch of the Events Timeline, you will see a report with 0s for your events. You can either create a new version or update the existing version and resubmit to your network in order to see this report.

Filtering results#

You can change the data displayed by altering the filters in the top right of the page.

This includes the ability to filter by version, platform, network and time-frame. Once you have chosen the filters you wish to use, click the 'Refresh' button to update your graphs.


Note that if you use multiple filters in tandem, you may find that no data matches the criteria of each of them at the same time.

Where does the data come from?#

The description and category for the events displayed comes from the app's custom events, you can see what events you have active on an app in the Setting's page (within the Events tab).