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Common Issues - Font

This page is dedicated to common issues surrounding font. If you are experiencing an issue that does not relate to font consider looking at one of the other pages in this section, which are also listed here.

Make sure to Update Playable!
A lot of times issues can be fixed by simply updating your plugin to the latest version, please make sure to check you are on the latest release version before looking further into this section. More info on how to do this here

Font LunaPlaygroundGroundAsset doesn't appear in Playground#

This can be due to not having a value set to the font field inside Unity. Or if the same font is used on multiple fields.

Possible solutions:

  • Make sure that a font asset is added to the field in the Unity inspector. (Example below)
  • If trying to expose multiple font fields in Playground, Eg. one for Latin, one for Chinese etc. Inside Unity, a unique font will need to be added for each field in the inspector. Duplicate the font and name is differently, such as font1, font2 etc. Then add each font into the inspector fields so that the same font isn't getting applied.


Font asset won't upload in Luna Playground asset field#

The upload starts, but the upload buttons in the modal popup just highlights again, and the upload never happens.

This could be caused due to the font file size being too large and can't be added to our server.

Possible solution:

  • Use a different font file which is smaller, or reduce the current font file size using a tool such as

Font wouldn't stay uploaded in Playground or gets removed from Playground after refreshing#

This could be to do with the font file being invalid.

Possible solutions:

  • Check the file size, if its very small, a few Kb for example, its likely that it's not valid.
  • Open a font preview app to see if it shows valid characters. On Mac this can be done by double clicking the font to open the Fonts application. (Example of this below)


Text Mesh Pro errors shown in chrome devtools#

The error shown is:

Error: The method "FontEngine.LoadFontFace(Font, Int32)" is not implemented

This could be to do with the version of Unity or Text Mesh Pro being used being too high.

Possible solutions:

  • If using Unity 2020; Rollback to TMP version 3.0.1. Steps shown here.
  • If using Unity 2019; Rollback to TMP version 2.0.1. Steps shown here.

Cannot use PlaygroundAssetField and a Font to replace TMP fonts.#

This could be to the fact that creating TMP font assets is done in the editor, through the TMP package for Unity (not during runtime). This means we cannot generate new fonts during the runtime of the playable and dynamically replace them for TextMeshPro.

Possible solutions:

  • Include the font in the playable so it’s exported along with it.
  • Use the regular UI Text which supports font replacement via Playground.

‘Failed to combine glyphs to png' error notification in Unity#

This could be to do the glyph size being too large, meaning all the characters cannot fit on the specified texture size.

Possible solutions:

  • Increase the texture size of the font, or reduce the size of the glyph. These settings can be applied in the Assets → Fonts tab within the Luna window..

Arial font gets included in build even though its not being used in the project#

The Arial font gets included by default and cannot be removed. However it can be reduced in size.

Possible solution:

  • In the Assets → Fonts tab in the Luna plugin window. Change the ‘default font settings’ to reduce the texture size down to 32x32 and the glyph size to 1. This will override the default settings.
    If a separate font is being used and requires higher resolution. In the ‘Per font settings' area. Select the font, and set its texture and glyph size to a larger value.

TMP Text in WorldSpace gets overlaid on top of WorldSpaceObjects, behaving like ScreenSpaceOverlay, changing the material does not help#

This might be caused by using the same Font Asset.

Possible solution:

  • Duplicate the Font Asset you're using and use the duplicate for the WorldSpace TMP. Having using this duplicate font does not increase the Playable build size.

TMP text is misaligned compared to Unity#

This is likely due to an unsupported version of text mesh pro being used in the project.

Possible solutions:

  • If using Unity 2020; Rollback to TMP version 3.0.1. Steps shown here.
  • If using Unity 2019; Rollback to TMP version 2.0.1. Steps shown here.

Default UI Text Component Font Stylings set in Unity, such as Bold, Italic, Bold-Italic, are not applied in Luna#

We currently only export one variant of a font as a texture. To include stylings would require exporting multiple Font Atlas Textures, one for each Font and Font Styling, which would bloat playable size extremely quickly. However TextMeshPro would keep its styling in Luna, due to it being done with an SDF algorithm (which allows it to be done via Shaders).

Possible solutions:

  • Use TextMeshPro, see here for how to use TMP with Luna.
  • Use a font in the style you need such as a bold font.
  • If you only need a bold effect, you can create a duplicate but slightly larger text object and put it behind the original text.