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Common Issues - Ad-Networks

This page is dedicated to common issues surrounding ad networks. If you are experiencing an issue that does not relate to ad networks consider looking at one of the other pages in this section, which are also listed here.

Make sure to Update Playable!
A lot of times issues can be fixed by simply updating your plugin to the latest version, please make sure to check you are on the latest release version before looking further into this section. More info on how to do this here

Export for AdColony doesn't pass QA / Export for Unity Ads doesn't pass QA#

This is could be due to not add the store links in the settings from Playground.

Possible solution:

  • Add the store links. (Example below)
  • In the HTML file change the code from "" to "mraid.openStore".


Unity Ads rejection for incorrect URL#

If you are receiving a notification telling you your URL is not correct and doesn’t lead to your game, it is likely caused by extra parameters included in your store URL.

For example has the language and geolocation included at the end (&hl=en_GB&gl=US), this may end up causing the URL rejection from Unity Ads.

Changing it to would likely fix this issue.

Possible solution:

  • Remove any additional parameters in the URL before uploading your playable - you can do this in the App Settings in Playground.


Facebook does not accept an ad due to no clicks#

This is could be because Facebook has not implemented touch so it doesn't detect it.

Possible solution:

  • Rather than touch, use input.GetMouseButtonDown or input.mousePosition instead.

Google and Facebook are not listed as supported for dynamic playables#

This is happening due to neither Facebook or Google supporting events in playable ads, and therefore Luna can’t run dynamic playables on these networks.

Possible solution:

  • Use a network that supports dynamic playables, a list of which can be found here

Problems running a non-dynamic playable using the Facebook playable tester#

This is likely due to the Facebook playable tester still being in Beta, and currently doesn’t work for the zip format (which is used by Facebook).

Possible solution:

  • Try to test using Facebook Ad Manager instead.

Problems running a non-dynamic playable using the Google playable tester#

This is likely due to in the new Google playable tester Beta (where developers can upload 5MB playables) there is no click tag, as they ask you not to include any CTA because Google will handle it.

Possible solution:

  • Try to test the playable using the Google Ads interface instead.

Video in build not working on google platforms#

This likely due to Google Ads not supporting video type formats in builds.

Possible solution:

  • Turn the video in to an image sequence setup instead.

AppLovin playable ad tester in browser doesn’t register mouse click up#

Possible solution:

  • Enable browser dev tools, and start mobile emulation. Mobile touch emulation will cause the playable touches to behave as intended.

Facebook size breakdown larger than others#

This is because Facebook playables get zipped after exportation and this compression isn't taken into account when the size breakdown is calculated in the plugin window.

Possible solution:

  • Use the Applovin or IronSource size breakdown option as the benchmark.

The Facebook playable preview tool show errors when uploading the playable zip#

This is likely due to issues surrounding the facebook playable preview tool, that we unfortunately don't have any control over.

Possible solution:

  • Use the Facebook Ad Manager tool instead.

Audio plays in all builds except for ironSource; no audio on Android and intermittently on iOS#

You can find out all you need to know on this here.

Failed to Pass Mintegral QA#

This could be due to insights being turned on for Mintegral at the company level, which is not allowed on that platform.

Possible solution:

  • Disable insights for Mintegral and trigger a rebuild of the version in playground (change something in the version, save, change it back, save), the newly created export should pass tests.
    You may need to rename the zip file depending on the name of the playable version: “Upload file's name only allows letters, numbers, underscores.”

Elements creative fails Unity Ads QA#

If your Elements creative uses a video with sound, this is likely causing the QA to fail.

This is probably due to Unity currently not having a callback related to the mute status of a device, which means there is no way to know whether to mute the video if the user has disabled audio. As such this can fail QA. Unity is aware of this and have added it for consideration to their roadmap.

Possible solution:

  • Upload a muted version of the video used, and replace the one with sound in your creative.

Unable to upload playable to the TikTok ad network#

The following error is shown “Upload failed. Please check the formatting rules. Accessed Pangle JS_SDK and calling method is window.openAppStore();”

This is currently an issue seen with a few playable providers and likely a problem with the TikTok upload tester.

Steps to solve:

  1. Open the built TikTok .html playable file and search (ctrl + f) for this:
  2. This string should appear in multiple places within the file, replace each occurrence with:

    More info on the JS-SDK path can be found on the TikTok support site here.

Ad Network Rejections TikTok (Elements)#

Possible solution:

  • Add a transparent image in the Image field in the Background section, we have a pre-uploaded transparent image in the Asset Library tab under the Utilities folder.


Upload to Mintegral never finishes / infinitely loads#

This is likely due to a previous issue we have now fixed. (If your build was made before 29th July 2021 this is likely relevant to you)

Possible solution:

  • Try rebuilding your app in PG, then export again for Mintegral and upload this new build.


Vungle rejected Elements ad due to it not being ASOI (App Store On Interact) compliant#

Possibly due to the creative not having enough user interaction clicks before being sent to the app store through a CTA button. More info from Vungle's site concerning playables can be found here, and on ASOI here.

Possible solution:

  • Turn off ASOI in Vungle, and adjust the ‘X number of clicks’ setting in your Playground account manually. Eg, after 3 user interactions, open the app store download page.


Elements creative appears incorrect or blurry when using the Applovin test app#

This is possibly due to the creative being tested on an earlier version of the Applovin test app.

Possible solution:

  • Download and install the newest test app version (iOS link, Android link), and test using that newer version.

Input not working in ad network browser testing tools when using Input.GetTouch()#

Find out all you need to know about this here.

Elements creative rejected by Unity ads due to auto-redirect to store (Aggressive ads)#

Possible solution:

  • Edit the app store settings on the Elements (Tap-To-Play) template; set the auto-redirect after certain amount of taps to a high number like 10, and make only the install button redirect:


Mintegral rejection (Test tool)#

One reason as to why this rejection may be occurring would be if the downloaded file was double zipped, and or the file name was incorrect (contained spaces and or the ‘-' character in the name).

Possible solutions:

  • Re-zip only the URLs and index.html.
  • Remove spaces & '-’ characters in the file name.

Mintegral doesn't pass checks on test site#

Could be due to Firewall, cache, or ad blocker settings in the browser could cause this issue to happen on one PC / Mac but not on another.

Possible Solutions:

  • First try to upload your playable to the Mintegral test tool on someone else’s PC / Mac. This will confirm if the issue is with your PC / Mac or an issue in the playable code.
  • Open an incognito browser and try the test tool through there.
  • Do a hard reset of your browser to ensure cache is cleared for the Mintegral test web page. This is usually done by holding ‘shift’ and pressing the refresh button in your browser, but check online for your specific browser requirements.
  • Disable any ad blockers.
  • Disable any firewall settings which could be blocking specific javascript calls.


Ironsource ad network rejection on iOS due to playable not responding to screen swipes#

This has been known to happen sometimes when going to the information page, and back to the app several times.

This could be due to the iOS ironSource app tester not refocusing to the playable after the info page when a swipe happens. Instead a single tap in one location is required as opposed to a swipe.

Possible solution:

  • Adjust the code to use Input.GetMouse(0) in Update() on the end card instead of OnPointerDown(). Then call CTA (install full game) action from there.
    E.g. this OnPointerDown() call may fail sometimes when doing screen swipe gesture:

    Instead use GetMouse(0) and check on each frame: