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Setup Attribution in Luna Playground

In order to track install events in Luna Playground, you can follow this setup guide. At a high level, you will need to complete the following items to enable your playable app to receive events.

  • Add your app store URLs
  • Select your attribution provider
  • Configure the "Ignored creatives" which tells Luna which creatives not to match
  • Complete the creative name matching for each playable version

Please note that before following the steps below, you will need to follow the steps provided for your attribution provider.

  1. In Luna Playground, navigate to the relevant app and then Settings -> General.

  1. Enter the Apple and Google Play app store URLs for the app. Please note, if you are using multiple app store URLs within the same playable app (i.e. a Chinese App Store) then you should enter the default URL here, and use the version-level URL in the table below. By default, all versions inherit the global URL, unless overwritten.

  1. When you enter a new URL, the status will be marked as pending, and awaiting approval. This is to ensure that apps are not claimed by incorrect accounts. Once approved, the URL status will change to show a green check mark.
It can take up to 24 hours for the approval status to change. If you are experience longer wait times, please reach out to your Luna representative.

  1. Choose your attribution provider from the drop down.
  1. The Ignored Creatives menu allows you to let Luna know which creatives on each ad network are not relevant for matching.

    For example, you will often use a campaign-level attribution URL, and therefore be sending install events to Luna for creatives which aren't live on the platform i.e. video ads. In order to improve the matching accuracy and remove this data, you can use this menu to ignore certain creatives.


  1. In order to start the matching, you will now need to assign creative names from your attribution post backs, to the playable versions in Luna. To do this, a drop down menu is provided in the version settings table.
  1. Hit Save.

  2. Once you have completed all the steps above, you will now be shown the number of unmatched events assigned to the approved application URLs. In order to try matching with the new saved settings, you can use this Retry events functionality.

Once an install has been attributed to a Luna playable version, it cannot be move, so ensure your settings are correct before attempting to match.
  1. You're done!